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November 27, 2007 § 1 Comment

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i visited a homebirth clinic here in san cristobal.  and in the conversation with one of the employees who said to me when i mentioned that i thought that professional midwifery had become more and more classist…’why shouldnt we be paid as much as possible?  just look at what we do!”…i was kinda appalled.  i wanted to answer:  because i cant afford it…and then she said that she had never known a midwife who would turn away a mother because she couldnt afford the price tag…well, i have met that midwife…

okay that midwife did not say that she was kicking me out of her house and her homebirth class because i was too poor.  she did not say that.  what she said was that i had issues…with anger and culture (is that the accusation of being an angry black woman…)and she made some snide comments about women who do unassisted childbirth…some thing like even elephants need midwives (elephants need a whole bunch of shit that i dont need or even want to think about…)  but she did offer me a refund and kick me out of her house and i wonder if it was my color or my address or both or the fact that i sounded white on the phone but definitely look black in person or…

so the employee in this clinic in san cristobal ended the conversation by telling me that i should listen more and talk less.   and then me and her rainbow colored red haired happy happy glasses parted.  i had asked her where the hard core midwives were whowere willing to go to jail with their mother…she looked at me as if we were speaking different languages.   well, maybe we were.  i am east coast.  she is west.  no maybe it is that i am a mama and she is not.  no maybe it is because i am angry black woman…and she was just trying to give me a refund.

which is a shame because i really really like the scope of practice at this clinic.  they are hands off laidback and trusting that they can get out of the way of the mother’s intuition.  they are no immunizations and home visits and prenatal yoga and vbacs…and i liked the look of the place and the feel of the midwives watching them at a birth.  and the story of the clinic.  and yeah i have my doubts about a clinic set up by some white ladies in the poorest state in mexico.  but still…oh well…


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