first birthday

May 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

So the little one turned one years old on april 19th.  I caught the flu and had a fever for her birthday.  papa baked a cake.  She is learning to walk.  Is curious about the world.  signing more signs like: more, thank you, and give…

she is learning to speak words like: thank you and hi.

And she loves to clap. and climb the stairs (much her to parents chagrin) and put clothes on top of her head.

It is amazing to watch her transforming slowly from babyhood to toddler.

She caught the same flu I had (or vice versa) It has been the sickest she has been in months.  She had an off and on fever and a tough cough and snotty noise.  Obviously was in pain at times.  And at moments like this we have hard choices.  How sick is too sick for too long and we need outside advice?  What kind of advice should we go to?  What kind of research should or should not be done?  How much trust do I have in the process of her healing in and of itself?

It definitely made me miss our homeopath in San Cristobal.  It is much easier to trust a person’s advice who has children and is choosing not vaccinate them.  Even if he does have an inexplicable altar in the back of his office.  And he only spends 5-10 minutes with you to listen, diagnose and prescribe.

And it is so much more difficult to care for a sick child when I am sick myself.

Luckily we are both healing with some echinacea some time and some crankiness.
and some reiki.

She loves leaves, grass, plush toys, paper.


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