black disney princess…finally!

July 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

okay here is my personal confession. when i first heard about this lil black disney princess my lil heart jumped for joy. i know it is fucked up, but when i was growing up there were no images of black girls that let her be femme, pretty, that a lil black girl could be a princess. black women were always strong, asexual or hypersexual, but never attracting or attracting anything other than scorn. honestly, i am so incredibly happy that disney decided to do this.

and look her hair looks like my hair. not like black barbie’s hair. but mine. when i was growing up with cornrows and pig tails and knew that there was nothing short of putting a weave in my hair that could make it not a detraction from beauty, and now some lil black girl whose mom lets her watch disney is going to get to grow up knowing that short curly hair and dark skin and a lil thicker lips are cute.

probably when i see it: i will shit fire balls in my anger of all the racism that disney managed to pack in an hour and half movie, but today i am super happy.

because frankly, it was all those disney princess movies that were some of the most virulent elements in convincing this lil black girl that being dark skin and short hair could never be pretty.

so that is my lil confession.

oh and there is an inter-racial romance. say word!

i am so glad they made the changes. hope they make more to the plot. all i want her to be is strong and pretty and for every little girl who sees the cartoon to think for a moment: damn, im jealous of her.

did i mention that my daughter is going to grow up in a world where there is a black princess, darker than a paper bag.

swear to god i will be my normally bitchy media critic self later. for now. im just imagining being 8 years old, going with my friends to see this flick. and singing the title song over pizza afterwards. all of us having the soundtrack memorized before the movie even came out.

man, that pizza tastes great.

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