christian fundamentalist mamas

August 20, 2008 § 2 Comments

i am starting to have a soft spot in my heart for fundamentalist christian mamas. i have hung with two in the past month and frankly, they are on point with some of the basic values i associate with being a rev’y mama. like compassion for other mamas and the do what works for you/stay sane attitude. honesty about the difficulties and pleasures of having a kid. anti-materialist/anti-capitalist analysis. respect and curiosity for other cultures. de-centering the western/us. etc. funny, huh? maybe if you are required to pay attention to the actual words that jesus says then, i dont know…ya start to sound a lot more radical than people who think of themselves as ‘progressive’.

i was brought up in a fundamentalist christian church…and so i have a deep appreciation for the values that i took from that tradition. textual analysis, poetry, redemption, radical compassion.

now where i theologically disagree my fundamentalist upbringing is: i believe that you can disagree with god and the bible. the bible is a record of communities relationship with god. and sometimes god is wrong. and sometimes the communities are wrong. and sometimes the accuracy of the record is wrong.

anyways, no one can be perfect all the time. not even god.

but some mamas who try to live the truth of jesus’s message are pretty revolutionary and it is not just a lifestyle choice for them…

right on. as for fundamentalist christianity and gender issues…that is another post


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§ 2 Responses to christian fundamentalist mamas

  • sorsofilia says:

    šŸ˜€ when I was in college for a little while, I was attracted to a bible study group because of an anti-consumerist type expo they did in the student commons. the kids really adhered to trying to be Jesus-like so to speak. I really loved all those kids and I miss them now that I read this. I’ll never forget them, and I totally totally understand where you are coming from with this.
    none of them were hateful about say, gender issues and sexual orientation- we just didn’t talk about it because we so simply agreed to disagree and love each other. they really did believe to love each other above all. we all know that although this seems to be what good ol’ jesus preaches, it sure isn’t what many xtians do!

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