in my hometown

October 20, 2008 § 1 Comment

if you are wondering what kind of place i grew up in…welcome. what i love most about this video is 1. check out the diversity at a mc cain rally! that is woodbridge, va. 2. only 3-5,000 people came. 3. at the end of the video the tall guy says that no matter who gets in office they are going to have clean up bush’s mistakes. which is so sweet.


growing up there i took it for granted that america was a diverse country where every one mixed and mingled and everyone grew up with tough skin about their racial identity and fair play was fair and playful. when i was there last week my sister in law told me that when she drives to the richer neighborhoods all you see are mc cain posters. where we live it is obama all the way. i admire the courage of someone who put up a mc cain poster in our neighborhood.

thats what i like about this video. all of that pent up frustration has to go somewhere. they all look like they could live in my neighborhood. in the kind of house that would get pranked first.



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