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November 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

books that i am into right now:

the poetry home repair manual–ted kooser

one of the best books i have read on poetry in a long time.  i dont agree with all of his prejudices in poetry but he states in a way that allows for me to see those prejudices clearly.

mind of my mind–octavia butler

second book in the patternmaster series.  after reading wild seed i knew that i had to read the whole thing.

stones of war

beautiful meditations on power, war, violence, trauma, childhood.  lyrical language.  a book that explores the limnal of the personal and the political.

the culture of make believe–derrick jensen

after being struck by a language older than words in my last trimester of pregnancy, i am returning to derrick jensen’s work.  a language older than words is the sort of book that i have searched for a long time.  so far the culture of make believe looks very promising.

the gold cell–sharon olds

incredible intricate poems/narratives about how painful life can be.  having heard her name bandied about for so many years i thought that her poems would be boring and inaccessible, how wrong i was.

in search of our mothers’ gardens–alice walker

read this when i was a teenager.  am now returning to it 15 years later.  still am amazed at some of the insights that alice gives the reader and herself.  i had forgotten how much of this work served as the basis for my understanding what it meant to be a ‘black woman’.  the sort of insights that i think of as ‘obvious’ obviously came from a young girl reading this book.



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