dear santa

December 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

i have been a really good girl this year.  actually i have been a really good girl for the past two decades.  i have not (directly) killed anyone (lately).  i have not even hit or pinched my little brother.  and i eat all of my vegetables.

so with that in mind, i am sending you my christmas wish list…

google phone: i have wanted a fancy phone for years.  one that i can use around the world.  that takes pics and i can send txts and listen to music on.

kindle: i am so tired of having to decide which books i can take with me based on how much they weigh vs how good they are.  i love my books.  and i miss them when i have to pack them up in storage for months or years. plus, oprah recommends it.

canon eos 30d: a yummy camera for being a plucky photojournalist in overseas adventures

oh and yeah and peace and good will throughout the earth or whateva.  wait a minute…do you do that or does baby jesus?  i always get that confused.


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