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December 20, 2008 § 3 Comments

1. oh i have the best news.  i got my passport! i am spinning holding it.  and my passport photo looks hot.  really?  am i this pretty?  usually i assume that i am average to a lil below average in the looks department.  dont spend alot of time with fashion or style or make up, put on whatever clothes are clean, hair is either down or in pigtails…whateva.  dont bother with the contacts, my glasses are good enough.  but then i look at this photo taken when i had just arrived at the passport photo office.  she, the photographer, is really efficient.  i manage to take off my hat and my glasses and then snap. the photo is taken.  my hair looks disheveled in the pigtails.  but my skin is glowing. maybe it is all from the excitement of knowing that the long ordeal of ‘travel preparations’ is coming to an end.

2. my arabic classes have ended.  and i am a lil sad.  i really liked my teacher.  he was like all the best qualities of palestine rolled up into a slim package with cool hair.  before i met him el compa and i were wondering if aza would be mistaken for palestinian the way that she was mistaken for mexican.  el compa said probably not because her hair was too curly.  next day we met my teacher who had hair curlier than aza’s.  ja ja.  now it is just me and my notebooks.  i resisted the urge to tell him: you know youre african too right?  i mean i know that you come from gaza, right next to egypt, but your skin is nearly as dark as mine (and i am pretty dark) and your hair is nearly as curly as mine (and mine is downright nappy), and you have that third world sense of humor,  but i resisted because i am not someone to define another person’s ethnicity.  but hanging out with him for a couple of months reminded me of just what a permeable border our sense of nationality and ethnicity really is.  and that wherever i go in the world i find blackness.

3. i am in love with radical women of color bloggers.  have been for years.  and this community which is my community is what fuels me to keep writing.  so if you dont know check out : speak!  there are so many amazing poets, writers, artists, intellectuals, on this cd.  ‘power is never given.  when its stolen, if you want it back you have to take it.’

i plan to pack all of yall up in my suitcases along with your families and take yall with me to palestine.

4. sara, mark and lil eli are leaving tomorrow.  they are really the best neighbours we have had.  such good friends.  they have done so much for us i am amazed.  i got a lil weepy when we were leaving their apartment this evening.  and aza finally learned to say eli’s name tonight.  i am going to miss them mucho.  oh damn.  im getting a lil weepy again.  silly mama. its just that there are folks who talk alot about radical community and then there are folks who just co-create that community.

and thinking of them reminds me of a call to submissions i want hip yall to: dont leave your friends behind

Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind is a book geared toward the non-parent radical community about how to be an ally to the parent(s) in their midst.

This book is going to be a collection of some of the best minds out there. We’re looking for activists, allies, and radical parents to submit the most kicking stuff to make this the best book ever for getting down to business: let’s make a better world WITHOUT Leaving out the mamas (and papas, partners, child-care providers) and children this time!

We are interested in submissions that focus on practical concrete ways you can (and have!) supported parents and children in your scene! We want stories of including children and parents in the anarchist and anti-capitalist activist movement such as: organizing Kidz Corners at radical bookfairs, providing childcare at specific events or as a political action, creating Baby blocs, and being part of collectives who include childcare so their members can participate, etc.

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