surrounded in smoke

January 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

dear aza,

we put you to sleep early tonight.  you didnt have a nap and had played with kids for hours today.  so by the time that we got back home, you had whimpered and then nodded into dream land.

in the back ground cnn is playing.  supposedly they are providing a ‘balanced’ coverage of israel’s attack on gaza.

today one of the mothers of the children you played with, asked if we were taking you with us to palestine.  i laughed.  what a strange question.  how can i not take you with me?  where would i leave you?  where could you find more love than with us, your crazy parents?
this ‘balanced’ coverage infuriates me.  i am not sure if it is because the numbers of those who have died and are wounded are not considered to be central to the coverage, or if it is because i cannot understand why one would try to treat the two sides as equal when it is obvious that handmade rockets do not equal one of the strongest and best-equipped militaries in the world.  if the conflict, the two sides, are not balanced, why provide balanced coverage?

i have dreams of being surrounded in smoke.  and i cant see anything but you in my arms.


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