first day in scotland

January 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

1. arrived in scotland on friday.  exhausted.  all three of us.  so glad to see friends and blather a bit.  but it is 2am and aza is still awake.

2. watched a really interesteing documentary on the quran today.  i want to read it.  at least an english translation first and then tackle the arabic version.  or maybe arabic and english side by side.  could probably only do that for a surah here and there.

there was a bit on the sufis.  maybe in my next lifetime i will be sufi.  i love twirling in circles and humming to myself.

3. bought some homepathic medicine for aza before we left the states.  chamomilla works pretty well for evening out her mood.  her eruptions of frustration come farther apart.  the astounding part of the homeopathic remedies is the ‘stress’ combo i bought.  it is about 6-8 remedies in one pill.  i have taken it twice and it makes me really sleepy.  and i have to sleep.  no matter what is going on around me.  actually, i took it because i didnt expect it to work.

see, i was trying to get aza to put the medium sized pill in her mouth but she kept spitting it out.  it tastes a little chalky.  so i put it in my mouth to prove to her that it was ‘yummy’.  and half an hour later i could barely keep my eyes open. she was wide awake.

the next night, same game with aza.  and i dont think about it and let the pill dissolve on my tongue to convince her that it is like candy.  and soon after i found myself dipping into sleep.  again, she was still awake.

does this mean i have found something that works on my insomnia? or am i sleeping cause i am out of the states?

4. the weather: as warm as washington, dc.  not bad at all.  not, and i repeat, not, like chicago.  saw a picture of chicago on bbc news today.  all i could see was snow, long coats, scarves, and hats…and maybe eyes peaking out.

5. the news here is generally much more reliable in terms than in the states.  the television cable news, that is.  there is much more footage from gaza.  and on channel 4 the host of the enws program was actually arguing with the israeli spokesperson about the israeli obfuscation and contradictions.  i wanted to write him a thank you letter. or something.

6. there are a few things i left undone in the states and i am wondering if there is a way to still do them…or if somethings simply are meant to be left undone…

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