first days in cairo

January 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

1. we arrived saturday night.  as we were riding in the taxi to the hotel, aza was getting cranky and so i said to her: welcome to africa.  and she quieted down relaxed her mouth and opened her eyes wider to take in the nightscape of cars zooming passed.


saw this on aljazeera yesterday

3.  cairo is busy full of people ancient egypt kitsch, buildings that are never finished being built.  dusty. car horns and construction tools.  warm weather.  i had missed the third world badly.  the elegant chaos.  the burgeoning

4.  we are staying with friends with whom we hung out in jerusalem.  they are working with east african refugees in cairo.  their apartment is cute.  reminds me of my mothers interior decorating in the 80s.  stylish, afro-centric, colorful.   perhaps i can convince my mother to visit egypt.


saw this on aljazeera today…

6.  i am learning how to negotiate a stroller through crazy traffic, sidewalks that glide into no sidewalks.  i find myself directing traffic with one hand while guiding the stroller…

7. watched mtv arabia last night.  i think that mtv arabia thinks that all hip hop songs should have a minimum amount of deleted words and if there arent enough ‘bad words’ in the song to be deleted they should just start deleting random words.  words in hip hop songs that were deleted last night: feather, star, bring it…

8.  even though i wasnt allowed into israel/palestine, i am really excited about the future.  although i miss the west bank.  next time i go to palestine, fuck israel, i will go on a boat to gaza.  `

9. its the lunar new year!  the annular solar eclipse!  new moon in aquarius! last year was a roller coaster.  crazy rat.


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