sufi dancers

February 5, 2009 § 1 Comment

we went to see the sufi dancers last night. they were amazing.  the building in which they dance weekly is a stone wikala, a guild hall.  the hour long performance with percussionist, chanting, spinning. there are moments when you can see that the inner experience and outer experience becoming merged in the dancers and in the audience.  it reminds me of the unique power of live performance.

i am going to be teaching performance in the coming weeks to teenagers here in cairo with east african refugees.  and as i begin to re-immerse myself in the act of performance and body movement and song and dance, i keep in my vision the whirling dervish…the precious moments when the physical and spiritual merge.

i am also interested in the ways that dance and movement are pathways to healing from violence and the ensuing trauma.  which reminds me of bfp’s blog flipflopping joy…and her explorations of movement, activism, health, and community oh and of course…joy…

and i am feeling called toward sufi-ism as a practice and pathway toward experiencing life.  even though there were no girls whirling last night.  except aza who was so happy, dancing and clapping and squealing and spinning.  and another little girl sitting behind us and her brother clapping in uninhibited joy.

no picture.  no video.  could convey what i experienced last night…nodding my head with a big goofy grin on my face…but let it be said: i fell in love.

and like kameelah i now give you rumi

rumi reminds us:

you are the water and we are the mill stone

you are the wind and we are the dust

you are the spring and we are the garden

you are the breath, we are the hands and feet

you are the joy and we are the laughter

sufi musicians

here are the musicians on the second level of the hall


and the sufi dancers in ecstasy.


husein mosque


before the performance




whrling whirling


whirling whirling dervish




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