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February 10, 2009 § 3 Comments

more news on theresa imprisoned by the israeli government…

Hopes rise for return of Gaza aid worker

Theresa McDermott is currently being held in Ramleh Prison.
Published Date: 10 February 2009

THE family of an Edinburgh peace activist detained by the Israelis on an aid mission to Gaza are hoping to welcome her home in the next couple of days.

Theresa McDermott, 42, a postal worker from Pilrig, is currently being held in Ramleh Prison after being arrested last week while taking part in a humanitarian voyage taking 60 tonnes of medicine, food and other supplies to Gaza.

But today her sister said the family had been told she could be heading home soon.

Ms McDermott was one of nine passengers aboard the Togo ship Tali when it was intercepted by the Israeli navy on Wednesday.

An Al-Jazeera TV correspondent on board the Tali said the Israelis fired shots at the ship before boarding.

He claimed the passengers were beaten and kicked by Israeli soldiers before being removed.

at the center, it is not about her, it is about the palestinians…and she hoped that her presence would be a vehicle to showing the world what is happening in gaza.  we talked about international privilege and what it signifies.  she said it is not about her being an international or a westerner.  it is about being a human being that stands with other human beings.  and these human beings say this war, this largest open air prison in the world, this blockade, this cruel neglect of the dying must stop.

she is trying to get medical supplies into gaza.  thats all.  by boat. by any means necessary..before we left for gaza she and i spent alot of time talking about the free gaza mission.  all of the different strategies and tactics to be used to break the blockade that israel has surrounded gaza and bring in medical aid to gaza.  what was the right timing?  who could be trusted?

she showed me videos of the boats and gaza.  what a different view of palestine than mine of the west bank.  mine is of desert yellow sun dust.  hers was of blue sky and water and boats with sharp corners cutting the waves.  she said she was one of the few westerners who didnt get sea sick.  it was a quirky strength that is valued on the free gaza project.

when one of the free gaza sailors dropped by the apartment with unexpected news about theresa, the one word he used to describe her is: stubborn.  god yes she is.  that why i named my daughter after her.

in the end, i should tell you that it is not about her, it is about the palestinians.  and it is.  about freeing gaza.  getting medical supplies to palestinians shell shocked by the recent war.  it is about human beings.

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