my joy

February 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

1. eft.  i discovered emotional freedom therapy a couple of years ago.  and tried a couple of different modalities until i found one that worked for me from a book called: the promise of energy psychology: revolutionary tools for dramatic personal change by feinstein, eden, and craig.  frankly the title and subtitle are dorky, the cover art is even dorkier.  and as for words like: revolutionary and dramatic…dont believe the hype.  but being able to use some quick tapping on acupuncture spots to keep me emotionally balanced in prison was a blessing.

2.  echinacea: aza and i both sipped the echinacea tincture hardcore straight from the dropper.   she would beg for it and i had to say no at times.  this is funny if you have ever taken echinacea tincture straight from the dropper you know it is not tasty at all.  gag-inducing even. but i think her body was requesting it.  and she was following the cravings of her body.  we didnt get sick.  didnt catch russian boys cold/flu.  when i would see habibi i would have him take a few swallows as well.  echinacea often has the effect of giving me a bit of energy as well and lightening my mood.  yummy white blood cells.  als

3. writing and drawing: when we arrived in amsterdam i started writing and then sketching and then writing some more.  i didnt write what happened chronologically but a scene here and a scene there. i would sit in coffee shops for hours and write and then hours more after everyone else had gone to bed.  i wanted to get it all down.  i would wake up in the morning and write. through writing i resolved competing narratives, and through drawing i could see the stories from different perspective.  this is one of the values of keeping a journal.  not just so that i would have something to write in, but also because i write a lot of crap in my journal.  alot.  it sucks.  and i draw a lot of crap too.  but all of that crap is like daily practice stretches when it turned out that i needed to run a marathon of writing and drawing unexpectedly, (like recording an unexpected prison moment) i was warmed up…and my writing/drawing brain was fluid and integrated with my vision and voice.

4. friends: coming to egypt and being embraced by friends.  who had some understanding of what we had been through and why we had made the choices that we had made.  who loved us.  they too are an interracial couple, their kids are grown, they have lived in palestine and worked with the same folks we have (that is how we first met them).  we share similar values and concerns.  they opened their home to us and introduced us to cairo.  they are a lil community for us, imperfect and real.

5. walking: i took walks in amsterdam and now in cairo and mapping my thoughts against the background of old windy beautiful cities has helped to place my experiences in context.

6. habibi and aza: my joy.


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