my life in the sunshine

March 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

arabic-teacher-2 this is my arabic teacher.  checking my homework for missing dots.

cal-and-aza-1habibi and aza and stroller.

aza-1picking her nose.  oooh…check out the bag on the back that i knitted and crocheted while i was in my last month of pregnancy.

the-boys-1these are some of the boys i teach dance to.  during the taking of this picture they were hanging in the hall joking.  two of them refused to get let the teacher cut their hair and this was their punishment until they relented…bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do?

scary-dolls-2these scary dolls are everywhere in cairo.  in any store that sells children’s clothes.  and yes.  their lips are painted black.  they’ve got that look: no matter where i go it looks like they are watching me….

should we even talk about the politcs of colorism in the middle east?  no.  not today.

outside-2cairo at night.  when this pic came up on the screen, aza starting pointing and saying: outside! outside! i should bother putting exclamation points lately it seems like nearly everything she says comes with a level of excitement not warranted by the situation…ahem…she also said outside! when she saw the  scary stepford dolls.

bikes-1and she screamed outside… when she saw the pic of these bikes parked near our apartment building…

today i have the mary j blige song: my life–running through my head

like: my life my life my life in the sunshine

when you look at my life

see what i see

when you look at my life see what i see

life can be only what you make it

when your feeling down you should never fake it

and all the negative energy it will all cease

and youll find the peace of mind

and things will work out fine


funny thing is when i first heard that song i didnt really like it.  i guess i hadnt lived long enough.

if this connection was faster i would embed the video


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