dance class

March 7, 2009 § 1 Comment

my flatmate came in and told me this:

voice of america reports:

UN aid agencies strongly protest the expulsion of 13 leading non-governmental organizations from Sudan’s conflict-ridden province of Darfur. The agencies warn of catastrophic consequences if the government of Omar al-Bashir does not rescind this decision.

The United Nations calls the expulsion of 13 leading international non-governmental organizations from Darfur catastrophic. It says it will be impossible to administer humanitarian aid to millions of civilians in this strife-torn region without their assistance.

and then she said: it means that there are going to be alot more refugees coming here…alot more…

tomorrow i go teach dance to the kids.  this week.  it will be reggaeton.  their request.  which surprised me.  that they were so into reggaeton–a music i associate more with my time in southern mexico.  and the barrios of chicago.

but isnt that part of the post modern homogenized culture?  east african refugee boys who love reggaeton?  southern mexican boys who love west african rhythms?

this rush of bodies and loves out of a country that is starving them to death and here to this new country with a new, and hopefully less deadly, form of starvation?

and who am i in all this?  not just an observer.  but a participant with bloody hands.  tomorrow i am going to show some kids how my hands move.  and they will teach me how theirs move.  and we will make our own language.  a language that is dirty, sweaty, bloody, and alive.



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