on the night of eid

March 9, 2009 § Leave a comment













so kameelah inspired me to go out with my barely used camera and capture the night…i hadnt realized that it was eid.  and so the streets were packed with folks, lots of kids, buying sweets and toys and walking slowly.   which is great for this lil photographer because there was so much life on a sunday night.

we just joined the herds and had a bit of dinner and coffee.

i love these two couples.  looking out onto the street.

and the last pic is of the wordle of outlaw midwives.  my version of a screen shot…

i have been super frustrated the past couple of days because of website tech issues.  and for 16 hours we lost something really important but then happily found it.  and i forgot to take photos of the dance class this week.

and yesterday was so strangely hot and dusty and windy.  my eyes hurt from the sharp dirt particles that my glasses couldnt deflect.

and the dance class was reggaeton.  my first class was only girls. with the girls getting to drop it like its hot and performing various grinding dance vocabulary over and over again.  then the boys came and the boys playing at being various rapper poses. then i kicked out all the boys for thirty minutes during lunch and the girls just had dance party.  and when i put on california by tupac and dre all the boys started bouncing their head and making the westside! sign with their hands.

but i was still frustrated because i hadnt brought a cotton tshirt and a fucked up cab driver and aza’s clinginess at the end of class and not having enough time to do everything effortless…

oh and as i was lugging aza through the streets some old guy stopped to tell me that my shirt was not pulled all the way down…oooh…someone can see my undershirt!  that is pinned into my pants!  and shows no skin!  and is covered by a baby’s leg!  run, i tell you, run…

but then tonight was so festive and perfect temp.  and i felt good in my own skin.


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