random stories

March 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

1. there is so much to do in this world.  and these days i feel so small about it all.  and so i have to slow down and deal with what life brings me.  piece by piece.  day by day. it is cliched but it works.

2.  the raven eye blog will be up soon.  i had to change hosts and shit.  get used to the time difference between here and there.  business hours are a bitch.

3. in the mean time i have been reading blogs galore.  oh my god.  woc and tpoc y’all are amazing.  there are all these beautiful blogging experiments out there.   exquisite writing.  art experiments.

i am especially digging:


brave star

awesome and fabulous (with the most gorgeous pic of michelle o i have ever seen…)

4. i love the light that comes in the bedroom window.  it is just light.  because the window faces a wall.  but i can lay in bed and stare at that window/wall/light for hours.

5. aza just popped through the door, kicking her ball, and then ran out yelling: juice juice juice juice.  in the same voice i would reserve for: the sky is falling!  the sky! the sky!

6. it is friday.  the day of gathering at the mosque.  so the whole world is quiet now.  our flatmates have gone to church.  and i am typing.

7.  this conversation has happened a couple of times:

taxi driver: minayn inti? (where are you from?)

me: min america (from the US)

aza: obama! (obama!)

damn and she aint even two yet.

8. dance class: last week’s dance class featuring the musical style reggaeton.  i teach two classes on saturday.  the first one, turned out to be only girls last week (this is the first time that i have had an all girls class) and it turns out when i a group of girls get together and get choreograph their own moves…their dance vocabulary centers around: dropping it like its hot, and grinding it back up.  it was so funny.  so we closed the doors and windows, refused to allow boys in and the girls had dance party.

i was sort of surprised by some of their choreographical choices because i thought i had explained several times that they were going to perform this for an audience with boys in it.  but i guess they didnt understand.  and a couple of girls shied out of performance time because it turns out that dropping it low in a mini skirt causes a bit too much male attention.

the second class: was mixed boys and girls and reggaeton.  i had had the boys bring in cd’s so that the class could choose the music.  ahem.

and then i had the kids break up in three groups and choreograph 16 counts.  ahem.

so the class decided on a song.  and then they made up their dances.  from what i could tell: the boys decided that they were going to stand around making various pimp gangsta poses and then walk around a bit.  while the chicas were going to drop it low.  bend over.  and grind on the boys. walk around the boys.

do it again.


if i never hear the song: sexy ladies again, it will be too soon.

9.  habibi and i go to the cafe at night and decide which foreigners should die.  last night ( i wish id had a camera) there was a particular tool in a grey sweater, a smug pale skin, and an air of condescension that made every one standing around him also look more like tools.  it is funny how someone standing 20 feet away can cause pure hatred.

but i do, i hate him

10.  right now my kid is playing with matches.  i got to go.


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