Raven’s Eye

March 20, 2009 § 3 Comments

so yall know whats up?

Raven’s Eye!!!!!!!!

Beautiful, inspiring, amazing writing and art from us, women and genderqueer folk…

We have been organizing ourselves for years on the internet.  We have started blogs, and e-zines, social networking spaces, list serves, conferences, conversations, groups, websites, cd’s and more.  We are incredibly prolific, visionary, each of us coming to this space with individual and collective visions of self-expression, survival, sexuality, business, teaching, learning, community, organizing, solidarity,art, dreams, healing, and love.

Check it out.

Every day we will be posting more and more work by us, highlighting the diversity, the community, the changing landscape of our lives.

We are creating a space where our voices, work and lives are centered and celebrated.

Join us.  Become a writer with Raven’s Eye.  Participate in the conversations.  Tell every one you know.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: ravenseyeblog@gmail.com


§ 3 Responses to Raven’s Eye

  • prof susurro says:

    I’m confused. I just went over to the site and did not see the posts from my blog you said you wanted to use. If you changed your mind, that’s cool, but next time could you just give me a heads up. thanks.

  • mama says:

    @prof susurro

    no no no no! my plan is to post new work everyday. so to be honest i was saving it for the weekend. i just posted up a bunch of work all at once so that it didnt look so bare…

  • writeoutloudboston says:

    Wonderful. This is what we need – womyn writing, ranting – connecting and I am down for this “broken beautiful” revolution. Our voices are varied and loud – we can break sound barriers and this is one outlet – we are not sliding down poles competing for one played out rapper or one raggedy rose in a rented gown. We are sexy without being seen and this is some powerful shiite. Pick your afros sistahs cause the game is real….

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