accountability and war

March 25, 2009 § 4 Comments

Do you know the PROBLEMS you raise with that baby girl.

When you say that their is no concept BIG ENOUGH,no institution GREAT ENOUGH to sacrifice the well being of one person. That if it hurts ANYONE in anyway that it can not be accountable for . It should be STOPPED.

DO you know what people think of you when you say you are worthy of being that person.

Did you EARN it ? Did you earn the right to believe you could live the way you wanted and SAY OUT LOUD

What do you do when you point out that we don’t earn it.

1. I have read this post several times.  i couldnt take it in.  i couldnt understand why i couldnt take it in.

cognitive dissonance.

this statement goes against everything that i have ever been told in my life.

also, this statement is true.

if an institution hurts one person to whom it is not accountable.  it must be stopped.

oh fuck.


like if an organization or an institution or a movement or anything hurts another and refuses to be truly accountable (not just in name or for image sake) to the hurt another.  that org.  that inst.  that mov’t.  must be stopped.

because that.  that refusal to be accountable to the one who has been hurt is the definition of evil.

2. and what do we do in the face of that refusal?  in the face of that evil?  what do we do when ‘they’ have refused to be accountable to ‘us’?

we insist on loving ourselves.  we love ourselves in the face of evil.

that is what (radical) love has to do with it.

That you don’t OWE anyone any thanks for loving you. That YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON and you do what you have to to survive not because you are so very very grateful.

3. and part of loving ourselves is knowing and being able to say: i dont owe you anything for loving me.

That if the only they can see is how to use you to make THEM better you don’t approve.

god, where did this idea come from that because we are different, we are unequal?  that some of us deserve to be taken care of and some of us dont?  that some of us deserve love and some of us dont?  that some of us deserve to love ourselves and some of us dont?  where did we get this idea?

4. why do i feel like what it is really about is that i dont have the right to survive unless i give everything that is asked of me?  why is my very survival dependent on me giving up my right to choose, my agency, my sense of right and wrong, my time, my energy?

and why do those that are asking me to give all of this up, ask me if i had earned the right to decide for myself what is best for me?  ask me what have i done, how much have i worked, how much have i sacrificed–has it been enough–to deserve to be happy.  to deserve to be whole.

to deserve not to be destroyed.  not to be shattered.  not to be tossed aside.

wholeness/healing is a right of every sentient being.  and by right i mean necessary for survival.  and we must take up all of the room necessary for that healing.

and it is because in this society in this world we refuse to acknowledge that healing is necessary for survival, because we refuse to give room for it,  the marginalized people, the flora and fauna, peoples of color and diverse sexualities are being annihilated.  instead the dominant culture takes up more and more room.

no, the dominant cultures sickness is that it must kill to survive.  because anything different than itself is a threat.  automatically.

so even though we are different.  even though our difference is perceived as a threat.  we must take the room we need to heal.  all of it.  we must be honest with ourselves.  and not deny to ourselves what we need to heal because we are afraid that others will say that we are taking too much.  that others will perceive us healing, us taking care of ourselves, us loving ourselves as a threat.  as an act of war.

then let it be war.

because it is already war against our love.

and if it is going to be war.

then may we win.

for the good of all sentient beings.


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§ 4 Responses to accountability and war

  • little light says:

    Yes. Absolutely, yes.

    Did you ever see this post, by the way?
    It occurs to me you might like it.

    Anyway, yeah, I’m still reeling from the truth BA just laid out. Now I’m reeling from yours, too.

  • […] this. why do i feel like what it is really about is that i dont have the right to survive unless i give […]

  • nosnowhere says:

    thinking, thinking, thinking … nothing rly to say but was wondering if u could help me with this:

    “if an institution hurts one person to whom it is not accountable. it must be stopped.”

    i don’t understand the part about “to whom its not accountable.” what about the hurt that occurs to those an institution is accountable to (or says they’re accountable to)? what’s the difference?

    what does it look like to hurt people in a way that you can be accountable for? what happens after that hurt?

  • Blackamazon says:

    if an institution hurts someone it is accountable to love i think it is able to turn or BE turned and say this is how you were hurt this is how we rectify it this is how we make sure you have a voice.

    I don;t eveer want to say we’ll never be hurt but there is something abnout knowing that who hurts you has to answer to you

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