dont write about stars

April 4, 2009 § 2 Comments

so it turns out that april is national poetry month! woohoo! get your poetry on! and in celebration a few of my favorite chicas are blogging a poem every day of the month. so i am going to join them. lawd have mercy! here is the first one:

dont. write about stars

in another world it would be you and me

crouching on the sea’s edge

facing the heart shaped mountains

national borders slipping away

like a trite pop song

we would turn down the music

take off the headphones

watch dawn pour out the valley

like black eyeliner scaped off the pinky

and you would say: yes

and i would say: na’am

and we walk into the rising desert sun’

but these days piled barbed wire

divide us

me, writing another poem

you, writing grafitti on your arm

dont. tell me

how mighty the pen is

when the hand is in chains

dont. tell me

that freedom doesnt have a price

when i keep paying interest

for the killing machine

dont. tell me: slow down

because i cant spring to the edge

between the right and left ventricle

someday our ashes will be like silk sleeves

in the wind

but for now

i will just keep writing poem

and sending them

wrapped inside a molotov cocktail’s

broken bottle burning

in a tire swinging

from a star


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