reach across the sky

April 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

1. i am swimming inside a black sea

i reach across the green light

where you find me

2.the music is meat

bounces against the bones

jangling like a beggar cup in hand

i cant make tonight

swerve past the morning

your skin like cotton sheets

lurid green bottles lined

on the tipsy table

the stereo wail scratching the mirrors y

ou dont dance with me

but with an arm

a thigh

a calligraphic hip swerving mid stop

tracing the shadows of the floor tile

what should i do? you ask

i smile: it is better to eat

3. the music’s abrupt departure

we fall into the concrete dawn

hustle taxis tip toeing through the streets

to take us back to the ribcaged city

i need to sleep

got important meetings

i wrap my hiar up in an abused scarf

and grab your hand across the ripped dashboard

4. he asks if i write poetry

no i take notes

on a raised eye lid

and the corners of a frown

5. she comes up to me

wants to take my pen

and write her own poem

i give her a kiss

as her mother gathers her limbs

tsk-ing the arms that reach out

6. you dont have to understand

everything i write

just trust that

we will figure it out of here

7. the beer is sweet

but the eyes

the eyes

the eyes

are much sweeter


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