if black could be

April 12, 2009 § 2 Comments

if black could shine

trickle down the spine

leave shimmering marks after shoe shine

then these boys would glitter

flutter under the street lights

a stop sign blinking go

swerving over dirt roads

if black could sing

holler shour and sing

wind its way through white keys

and settle at home

between the tobacco smoke

and the breeze

then these boys would leap

scatter in the shadows

between cracks in the concrete

wider than their plams

blacker than song

that careens between hallelujah and r & b

sing me to sleep

and lets pray that we dont dream

yeah if black could just be



§ 2 Responses to if black could be

  • Derek says:

    Years ago George Carlin noted that black culture, particularly in custom, songs, music, language, and ideas were full of freedom. That “black communication” was naturally more open and free, while white culture was more restrained. That for this reason radical ideas were far more welcomed and encouraged in the black community than it was in the white community. Carlin noted this back in the mid 70’s. I think it’s still very much true today. I suppose it’s possible, if not likely, that such things developed naturally, that blacks embraced such things as a way to achieve a greater level of freedom, and whites became more rigid in order to maintain their power dynamic.

    No matter what the reason, this world has never been made better by rigid thinking, and it’s always been radicals and progressives who sought a better world, and made it a better world. I think that naturally leaves POC in the unique position of not only bettering the world for themselves, but for all of humanity.

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