April 12, 2009 § 1 Comment

can we assume.  just assume.  that if i talk or write about something.  and i dont call out every little privilege that may have gone into me being able to talk or write about it.  that does not mean that i am 1/ not aware of that privilege.  2/ not working against that privilege.

maybe just maybe.  all that privilege that you may think i have.  i dont have.  maybe.  just maybe.

maybe just maybe. there is a kernel of truth in your assumption.  and then a whole lot of blown up helium surrounding it.  making it look alot bigger than it is.

and if you ask me.  i can answer.

but if you dont ask me.  i cant answer.

like maybe.   just maybe.  i am a person.  with a messy life.  a messy beloved life.  and i dont understand all of your ups and downs ins and outs.  so how can you understand mine.

i am thinking about this because i live in cairo. i have an awesome life.  really.  a great partner.  a great baby.  beautiful colors.  laughter.  good friends.

and there are things i dont have.  things that some of you probably assume i do.  things that some of you probably think of as basic.  things that i gave up so that we could take a chance and live in the middle east and i could be mentally healthy.

so just ask.  i promise.  i will love you.  if you just ask.  instead of assume.


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