broken borders

April 24, 2009 § 4 Comments


am thinking about the connections between national borders and psychological health

bwborders2how life can be seen as a series of borders broached, approached, broken and backed away from

bwborder3the ways that national borders shift and move and the shifting of national borders also shifts our own sense of belonging, psychological integrity, identity, dislocation.  how are personal borders are pushed.  how borders are maintained through violence.  and how we are shaped by this violence.

bwborders4and how do we integrate all of these broken borders?  who are we in the midst of these borders.  what does it mean to have ourselves, our personal, social, communal boundaries broken? how do we cope?


§ 4 Responses to broken borders

  • bfp says:

    nothing useful to say–but when I saw these, before I even read your words, I said to myself…mmmmmmhm, that’s *right*.

    Not sure what they are saying that is *right*–but they are right.

  • mama says:

    im not sure where i am going with this either. but there has to be some connection between the experience of being a refugee, dislocated, on the margins…and the psychological experience of not having clear boundaries, or not having boundaries that others are required to respect…

  • bfp says:

    clear boundaries, or not having boundaries that others are required to respect…

    in acupuncture, this is one of the things that they treat, the boundary thing–it creates actual physical issues (with your liver, I think), blockages that make you sick. That was why when I first started going, I was a raging evil total bitch–because my poker lady unblocked all that blocked energy–unblocked all the times I didn’t respect my boundaries, all the times nobody else respected them–and I just swollowed it all and said, oh, no problem. That’s ok. Because I was too scared or nervous or desperate to say anything else. And I am just the *child* of migrants–who were both legal and came from a family of legal migrants. I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around the level of trauma people without papers or refugees or dislocated people are struggling through.

    I am really interested to see where you go with this–thank you so much for walking down this necessary road. It’s something that is really really scary–something that I think is too scary even, for a lot of people living with that trauma to really talk about. ….speaking so others can be safe.

  • mama says:

    @bfp your acupuncture treatments sound amazing. i am looking for an acupuncturist and chiropractor here in cairo. and am looking forward to getting unstuck and rebalanced.
    and i am thinking about how the liver is connected to setting your boundaries and having them respected? well,, what does that say about the high rates of alcoholism in poc and native communities? is there an energetic connection between alcohol, setting boundaries, and liver cancer?
    and i am thinking about this from the perspective of a slave descendant/native and how even though the trauma of the middle passage happened centuries ago–our communities are not whole and healthy you know? like generations later we still cant set our boundaries and have them respected. we dont even expect to. and how is that connected to that initial trauma of the middle passage?
    and how structural racism *is* violence. we dont necessarily see the guns pointed at us but we do see the cancer, the diabetes, the holes in the lungs or the liver, the addictions, on and on.
    like the difference between being a migrant, or ‘illegal’, or refugee, or slave is a matter of degree more than quality i am coming to realize.

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