April 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

this poem didnt have to be written

i did write it

while i suckled black mists

over open flames

burning this body green and yello

burning this body black and blue

burning it inside of a corpse of itself

burning myself through you

burning sweet like sage brush

caught on the breeze

i who found a reason for living

passed mercy

i caught last wiff of freedom

inhaled it

so we all could breathe

you know this poem didnt need

to be written

maybe should never have been

but written it is

here on this page

almost over

never done

somebody say – hallelujah

the goddess has risen

from the death bed

oh death you almost won

but i kept santa muerte

stacked on top of my ribcage

like a bar code

cause i will never check out

give all the money you want

you cant buy this body

this poem

this sun rising

from my mouth


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