on breaking borders

April 30, 2009 § 4 Comments

this lil paragraph makes me want to get a facial piercing again…

Things like the fact that when I lived in Canada, I reveled in my “ethnicity,” wore my Indian-ness with unapologetic joy. But the minute I crossed the border I shrunk from everything that made me appear “too” ethnic. I was hassled at the border several times when I visited home and tried to return. My partner at the time begged me to remove my nose ring and to dress more “corporate” so that I would get across. And the time that I followed that advice, the crossing was smooth and uneventful. I understood, then, on a much deeper level, why that push for assimilation was so strong south of the border.


§ 4 Responses to on breaking borders

  • bfp says:

    i LOOOOOOVE it!!!!!! It reminds me of baseball and fresh grass and happiness.

  • Restructure! says:

    I’m a Canadian of colour, and I don’t understand why you titled this post “on breaking borders”. I kind of want to keep the border so that the Americans don’t assimilate us…

  • mama says:

    @bfp thank you ! honestly im kind of in love with it too. i keep coming to the blog. just to pet it.

  • mama says:

    i am exploring for the past couple of weeks on this blog (you can see previous posts) on what are the borders that we as poc break by our very existence. how we break borders, ie are seen as threats by not assimilating.

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