obama in cairo

June 6, 2009 § 1 Comment

it is really hot tonight with only a slight breeze coming in through the window.  aza is sleeping.  the living room is dark trying to keep the temperature down.  summer has come? 

our neighborhood in abdeen is charming.  labyrinthine streets that i can get lost in.  tiny alleys.  our window faces windows facing windows facing windows.  and underneath us the boys play soccor and yell in the streets. 

obama came  to cairo yesterday.  im sure you heard.  aza came into the house running squealing obama! obama! obama!  the city streets was super excited. 

i watched parts of the speech but i got bored.  i am interested to watch how this game with israel is going to play itself out.  i mean (for whatever all the commentary says) this is not the first time that an usa president has said that the building of settlements must stop.  this may be the first time that the israeli prime minister didnt pretend to consider it and said flat out no.  but then we are talking about netanyahu.  and that man does not give a fuck. 

ive been watching too much al jazeera.  habibi says that you know when you have been watching too much al jazeera when you start to feel that the channel is too pro-west. 

can i say that one of the primary things that i had hoped for out of an obama administration has come to pass.  being black us-citizen is cool again.  thank god.  condi had nearly ruined our rep in the middle east. 

went to a house warming party last night.  and there were these three east african boys/mc’s.  we listened to these recordings of them freestyling.  oh my god.  they are amazing.  they freestyle in at least four languages french english swahili kirundi and of course arabic.  one of whom was wearing an obama shirt. 

aza came with us to the party.  drunk girl scared her quiet.  and it took her hours to come back out of her shell.  drunk girl scares me too.  but by the end aza was dancing on the couch squealing and clapping.  ‘the life of the party’

the black kids here.  the sub saharan african kids.  the dark skin kids.  love obama.  ‘because he is from africa like us…’ in some ways i feel that they feel about/see obama the way that usa black folks back in the day must have felt about lumumba and other african socialist revolutionaries.  as a symbol i have more respect for what he represents to these kids than i do for what he represents in the states.  even to black kids in the states. 

well he’s gone now.  made a speech.  quoted some holy text.


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  • prof susurro says:

    thanks for posting this. I had been wondering what you thought of the visit. And also curious about what a non-journalistic ground level view of his visit would tell us about it’s true impact.

    One question: You noted that his speech was long and you got bored. The papers said it was his longest speech to date. Do you think that hindered the message?

    I ask b/c I too got bored and didn’t watch it all.

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