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June 22, 2009 § 2 Comments

as many of you may know i have a healthy distrust of the medical establishment.  and by that i mean that i have stayed away from doctors as much as i could for my teenage and adult life.  now part of this is just economic.  for most of my adult life i havent had health care insurance so i couldnt afford to go see a doctor.  even if i wanted to.  when walking into the doctors office is 70 dollars and that doesnt include tests or fillling prescriptions…i had to find more economic ways to keep myself healthy.

so at first i started with herbs and vitamins.  echinacea, kava kava, st johns wort, vitamin c, etc.

and food.  raw fruits and veggies, cutting out animal products, drinking more water, etc.

and yoga.  and learning to breathe deeply.

and energy/body work. focusing.

and chiropracter after the birth to get my back and especially my spine stronger.

and homeopathy.  which i didnt have a lick of faith in. until i was so desperately in pain with a sinus/tooth infection and i had tried everything and been to two dentists and finally went to the homeopath in san cristobal and a day later i was so much better i couldnt believe it.

and i have plenty of reasons to distrust doctors.  i have my lil set of horror stories.  especially in dealing with /nurses/hospital staff while i am admitted through the er with no insurance…which is why i was at the er in the first place because i couldnt afford to go see a private doctor.

and there are definitely times when i think that doctors are really helpful.  for instance surgery when it is necessary.  and broken bones and xrays.  when i need a knife to cut into my flesh to extract something or set something right … yep a doctor is useful then…

nearly everytime i have gone to the doctors office.  i knew what was wrong.  i told them.  they did the basic: listen to my heart beat, check blood pressure, peer into my ears/nose, look at my tongue, take an xray maybe and then agree with what i have told them.  i then tell them what i would like to be prescribed.  i then pay the doctor’s secretary and take that lil prescription and pay to have it filled.

and yes this means that i spend a lot of time researching health and body.  a lot of time just focusing and conversating with my body.  a lot of time experimenting with various healing modalities to find one that works for me.  and there is privilege in having that kind of time.

and for the most part when i do have to go to see a doctor they appreciate that i have done my homework.  its less work for them. or they tell me that i dont know what i am talking about and that they know better than me.  but how can they know more about my body than i do?  when they have only seen it for 5 minutes and i have lived it for the past three decades?

and i dont have a lot of trust in the amount of school they have attended.  i am much more concerned with what do they learn in those schools.

because you cant teach respect out of textbook.  my body heals the same way that the rest of me heals when it is respected.  and listened to.  and followed.  and allowed to come into balance with the universe.

i am not saying that doctors are ‘bad’ inherently.  in the same way that i do not say that men are ‘bad’.  i am saying that the medical industrial system does not make a lot of room for good respectful relationships with those who are in medical staff’s care.  and in the same way that i am anti-sexist and yet still love men.  i am anti-medical without dismissing all of those in the medical profession whole hand.

it was pretty regular during my time being pregnant i would ask my midwife a question and she would look at me like…why would you want to know that…i dont know…look it up online…

questions i asked: what are ingredients in formula milk that makes it poisnous to infants?

since you have recommended that i take x, how does it work?  what effects does it produce?  what part of the body does it act on?

you recommend delaying immunizations.  how does delaying the immunization help the infant?

and so on…

and we have ended up taking care of aza the same way.  Paying attention to her moods.  Trying to locate where the discomfort is.  Starting with the simplest and most basic remedies: movement, rest, singing, rocking, eating, drinking, and then onto more complex remedies…

to me that is a part of the medicine of guerrilla mama medicine.,,using what is available.  Being resourceful because we can and we have to for survival.  Being inventive.  Discovering the potential within our environment.  And sharing our medicine with others.  So that we may all live.  Good lives.


§ 2 Responses to simple health care

  • whatsername says:

    I am so with you on this and for the same reasons, lack of money, and distrust of the medical industrial complex in general. I’ve not generally had bad experiences with doctors personally, I’ve had better and worse ones, but I haven’t gone to doctors much anyway…but I do know way too many women who have had terrible experiences. So I don’t trust that system easily.

    It really is sort of amazing, when you grow up thinking that western medicine is the answer to everything, that you need a doctor for everything and can’t possibly know about yourself simply from listening to yourself…to discover that that is bullshit, that you can figure stuff out with a bit of Google. I used to have long and terrible colds in the winter time, annoying nose running colds that lasted for weeks, but I figured out a regiment of herbs, vitamins, food and tea and now it’s usually only days. So yeah, I’m a big fan of guerrilla mama medicine!

  • heather says:

    Having worked in health care for 20 years and having watched so many people just abdicate their health to the medical system I so wish more people would tune into their own bodies. It is so sad to see so many unable or unwilling to care for themselves. I believe in part it is due to the move away from people living in community so they have no one to ask if they have concerns and problems they would like to explore. Some individuals have little self confidence and they are so afraid of the horror stories they may have read or heard that they think it is essential to go to the Dr immediately!
    Overuse of antibiotics has caused and will continue to cause so many problems. I never could understand why people are unwilling to let their bodies immune systems work the way they were designed. Not to say in acute situations that an antibiotic may be necessary. Dealing with side effects of drugs taken another issue!
    Have worked with homeopathy and it sure is a modality which tunes into the individual body and is so successful, especially for chronic things which when the body is in good order influences reactions to major incidences…

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