June 23, 2009 § 1 Comment

never forget gaza

h/t rebellious arab girl


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  • china says:

    well, an easier method I would like to share from my experience. My midwife told me a story of someone who was anemic and after eating her placenta her blood went back to normal (tested as she was staying in the hospital). I am border line anemic so I thought it was interesting. Plus I noticed how my cat (my idol and role model at those times) had eaten her placenta, after having kittens and was interested to find out this has more of a function then just cleaning up. Its amazing vitamins ect. in there.

    SO , you just put some placenta in the blender with V-8 juice and drink it! The V-8 juice really works well with flavor taste and its amazing red purple color. I guess I am just weird but I thought it was the most wild thing ever, and like I said, entirely palable.

    then if you have too much placenta, cuz its so much there – you stick it in the freezer for later. or bury it under a tree. or stick it in your friends freezer and forget when you leave town a month later 🙂

    true story

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