testing. testing

July 17, 2009 § 2 Comments

ok.  so i tried to skype in to one amc session…cyberquilting/incite/speak strategy session. 

wait.  back up.  less than a week ago.  my computer decided to go a bit bonkers.  and only work for 15 minutes at a time.  in other words i hate vista.  windows vista is fucked.  so we installed ubuntu (linux).  which works great.  except im not a techie.  nothing near it.  so its a process.  long story short.  habibi ran out today and bought a new webcam after we realized that the webcam that is already installed is not really compatible with ubuntu…

but even with that (and figuring out all these sound issues) i couldnt get the video working right.  i could see them.  they couldnt hear me.  its sort of this one way communication with im’s mediating.

some thoughts:

1. it was super cool getting to see everyone.  especially getting to see folks when they talked.  their tone of voice.  body movements.  gestures.  grimaces.  you forget how intimate seeing some one can be to give you a fuller grasp on who they are.  tr

2. folks were beautifully helpful and weirded out and then helpful some more.  very funny to watch folks stare into a computer screen makingfaces as they try to figure things out. 

3. even though the sound and video only worked one way.  like i could see and hear fine for most of it but no one could see or hear me.  which sucked.  but i feel like i got most of what i would have gotten out of the session.  because what having better video and sound would have allowed me to do a verbal introduction.  and maybe a bit more.  but for the most part i would have done what i did this time.  which was listen.  and ask folks to turn me so i could see the speakers. 

obviously it would have added a lot more for the participants of the workshop if they could have seen me and spoken to me. 

4.  in terms of getting to hear folks. it kind of reminded me of when i went deaf when i was preggers.  (no i seriously went deaf.) so the folks i could hear best were the ones closest the the computer.  and the ones who had nice clear voices…(im looking at you elle).  the hardest to hear were those with soft voices and were farthest from the computer.  a moveable microphone could have been helpful to hear some folks.  also a mic would have been helpful to hear the presenters at the beginning of the workshop.  or to  move the computer to be closer to the presenters.  maybe there could one person who volunteered to move the laptop or the mic around…like they could just be in charge of pointing the camera at whoever was talking and kind of watching over the set up…

5. such an interesting experiment.  that i am really glad that i got to be part of.  it is hard to explain how everything seemed so natural and real.  such strong and intricate visions.  i had forgotten about how at the amc everything seems possible.  i dont get enough of that in my world.  

6. and even with all the communication/technological difficulties.  i still managed to meet someone i hadnt met before who is doing cool work in reproductive justice. 

7. i am really grateful to everyone’s grace and patience and enthusiasm. . 

8. amazing with all the diversity in that room, you look like me.  its nice to see community. 


§ 2 Responses to testing. testing

  • Amapola says:

    it was so rad to have you sit on the session– though i wish we could have seen/heard you better. but then… i suppose this is all the process of figuring out how to smooth this shit out for the future.

    also, though they’re most bullet points, but i’d be happy to send on the notes from the session to you if you want them.

  • little light says:

    amazing with all the diversity in that room, you look like me. its nice to see community.


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