July 21, 2009 § 5 Comments

i wrote a post for flip flopping joy a few days…

(re) thinking walking: the taxi edition

an excerpt:

part of me is feeling frustrated.  over the past couple of months observing the iranian protests from afar.  following cynthia mckinney and others voyage through israeli prisons.  thinking about the various intersecting communities in cairo and egypt.  dreaming of visiting aswan (the capital of southern egypt aka upper egypt aka nubia) which people continuously tell me that it is the most beautiful city they have ever seen.

today aza and i caught a cab to take her to the refugee school so that they she could be babysat and i could return home and get some much needed writing done. the taxi driver whipped the car around a corner.  started going the wrong way on a one way street.  ran over a police officer’s foot who was trying to stop the driver.  the police officer limps/runs after us.  so the cab driver speeds up.  more police officers are running after us.  the driver starts whipping around corners trying to outdrive the police officers…

its not that i am feeling uninspired.  really.  its that i cant see where i am going to get the resources to do the work that supports me or my communities.  what i mean is. i think i was born an internationalist.  i taught myself french starting at the age 8.  spanish at the age 10.  taught myself latin when i was 16.  i was getting ready to fly.


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  • jeffbbz says:

    I went over and read that post. I am not a woman nor a woman of color but right on! I too have had people constantly lecturing (usually not suggesting) me about staying in the U.S and that our “real” work is done there. No doubt work is to be done there. But I can’t help but feel that the idea our “real” anti-imperialist work is done there is itself an imperialist sentiment. Why is our real work done in the U.S.? Because supposedly that is where the power lies? That means non U.S. people have no power? Doesn’t this idea go against everything I believe and work for? True, the U.S. causes lots of problems in the world. But that means the U.S is also its savior? bullshit. Of course things must change in the U.S., but true justice will come from the people of the world, working and living and organizing as the people of the world. The so-called powerless coming together. Not from getting some remote rich white asshole u.s legislator to be somewhat less assholy.

    And I agree about our hoods all being each others hoods. I’ve never felt “at home” in just one place. And I’ve never felt that one place, let along my first place, was the most important place. Everywhere is local. Everywhere is global.

    Nice words.

    • mama says:

      thanks jeff!

      Why is our real work done in the U.S.? Because supposedly that is where the power lies? That means non U.S. people have no power? Doesn’t this idea go against everything I believe and work for?


  • jeffbbz says:

    you know me as paco by the by.

  • jeffbbz says:

    haha, Not yet. but I am in korea. (although going to east timor tommorow for a bit. look at all this travelling, I should put this comment in the other post)

    lame details about trying to get my parents over here with their schedules, makes it look like it will probably be in december. maybe earlier but probably not. could be 12/12 because that is a saturday and easy to remember and cute…

    anyway, i’m a quasi-regular (there’s only so much internet chatter I can take) lurker on your various blogs and enjoy most of them.

    keep on keepin’ on!

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