a city of hustlers

July 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

ive got cockroaches as big as my palm creeping into my dining room at two am in the morning.  those are the ones that are truly evil.  the others who do mock civil wars in my kitchen and dining room having the ants come and carry out the cock roach dead.  those other ones we deal with.

the streets are filled with trash and shit. literally. they smell like three different versions of mammalian shit a mezcla if you will.  and spoiled pepsi if pepsi spoiled and didnt just self destruct after a thousand years.

i start to get alarmed when the trash piles grow taller than my head.  these skyscrapers that are homages to the past few days or weeks or months are paradise for the rats and ferrets.  i just dont want to have another rat or ferret take a flying leap over my head in a spontaneous expression of satiated joy.  once was enough.

at night after the last call to prayer.  the freaks come out to play.  three out of five nights there is a loud argument outside of our door.  women wail and scream in anger or terror.  the sound reverberates from balconey to balconey. folks throw glass bottles and four feet long neon lights at each other.

every one gathers on their balcony and watches.  folks stream in from shops and alleys to assist one person or the other, or break it up, or add more fire, or hit someone, or throw something, or wail, or laugh, or just watch.  in the back ground the car horns and bad mufflers compete.

to me this neighborhood is beautiful.  like a fraying fragment of silk.

what can i say? im a hustler baby.

and this is a city full of hustlers.


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