the divine survivors clinic

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welcome to the divine survivors clinic!

my name is mai’a.

i am offering free reiki treatments to us– the lovers, the fighters, and the survivors.  a way to reduce pain, cleanse and strengthen the body, balance the emotions and experience more clarity and vitality in our lives.

the divine survivors clinic began as a vision i had at dawn listening to the fajr call to prayer.

i have seen that many of us as  doing amazing life-changing work and yet suffer from long terms and short term illnesses.  we do not have the time, money, energy to eat well, laugh, meditate, move, and mother ourselves. we live on the edges of society, enduring and resisting with every breath, the various and connected forms of violence.

reiki is a specific frequency or wave of energy.  i tune into this energy.  connect with your mind and body (no matter where you are in the world).  and then reiki vibrates throughout your being.  allowing you to relax, de-stress, and transmutate toxins in the body.


The quality of light by which we scrutinize our lives has direct bearing upon the product which we live, and upon the changes which we hope to bring about through those lives.
–Audre Lorde

* is a safe, gentle, non-physical healing practice that reduces stress and promotes relaxation and transformation of all kind of ailments and disease.
* can never act harmfully.
* is not controlled by the practitioner, but by the needs of recipient’s bodymind.
* is not limited by time nor space.  and thus can be activated across distances and times, allowing us to commune across oceans, heal the past and create a joyous future.
* transforms toxins and illness in the physical, emotional, and  psychological systems.
* is not a religion and belief in reiki is not necessary for it to work.

the edge of their paradigm

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in the comments on a post about midwives and doulas ashes says

they may be on the edge of their paradigm, but it’s still the old paradigm.

my (edited for !!!) response:

yes. its like…i meet and read these midwives and in so many ways they and i have similar ideas and visions of what birth is…and so i think oh we are on the same page. but actually we are on different sides of the structure. they are on the inside. standing next to the door or the window…looking out and describing the wildflowers they see through the window. i am outside. dancing in the field of wildflowers. looking at them standing inside structure. trying to figure if they like wildflowers so much…why dont they come outside?

the right of return

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Her Jewish-ass be travelling to Palestine and so be her friends when Palestinian people be waiting for their birthright trip: Ilana has travelled to Palestine supported by Detroit Summer in promoting her “activism”, music and “artistry” while Palestinians that she is supposed to be in solidarity with are denied the right of return.

phyre asked me to retweet this article. and i did.  but i also wanted to respond.  but frankly it is not an easy response.

this is not because of some personal loyalties.  i know phyrecracker through her blogs and twitter but we dont have convos or anything.  i know adrienne maree through her blog and twitter as well. and i have mad respect for the media they produce.  and i know invincible d through her music.  simple as that.

maybe this is not an easy response because of personal loyalties.  but it is not personal loyalties to the women who had this exchange.  no my personal loyalties, the ones that tug at me, when i read phyre’s critique, are much closer to home.

its me.  and its mine.

so let me start by saying i have a strong and sustained critique of internationals who do palestinian solidarity work in the west bank, gaza, or the refugee camps.  you want to hear some seriously seriously fucked up stories about things i did in the west bank…sit down and grab a beer or more like a six pack…we are going to be here for a while.

and it is really really fucked up that palestinian refugee diaspora cannot return to palestine.  and you know, when i was palestine, i felt a certain amount of resentment toward jewish american activists in palestine.  they readily admitted that they had jewish privilege.  and how they used it was…well…complicated.  but frankly being a black american woman in the west bank gave me an interesting perspective about citizenship, right of return, genocide, and racism.

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georgia okeefe

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ive been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and ive never let it keep me from doing a single thing i wanted to do

georgia okeefe

transmutating the poisons in the land

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i am thinking a lot about land.  how all of this geo political conflicts are about land.  how the fight is over who owns the land.  how colonialism destroys the land.  how the land is literally erupting to re balance what colonialism, war, industrialization, etc etc have have thrown off kilter.  and how the land can save us.  in the midst of war and misery maybe you can still live off the land if you know what you are looking for.  what will help you survive.  how earth packs are very healing for broken bones and wounds.  how earth dirt is really the re digested waste of living beings.

and so i am thinking that if we are going to survive war, or economic collapse, or however the end of the empire is going to go down. we have to learn how to live off the land.

and how do we do this.  when the land is being poisoned.  it seems to me that we need to find ways to transmute the poisons so that the land can still feed and shelter us.

and i am thinking how when i put a quartz crystal and do reiki on a plant the plant can often go without a lot of water or perfect amount of sun or other forms of energy…

so maybe we can learn to heal or transmute or rebalance the little piece of land that we will have to learn to live off.  maybe we can learn to sense what plants are good for us or no.  maybe we will have dreams that tell us how to heal broken bones with mud and water.

it seems that for our sake and our children sake. learning how to transmutate poisons.  may just be key to our survival.

servanthood. abd.

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With both Saturn and the North Node in Virgo, your mission is clear: to serve humanity and the planet through humble and practical action. Your skills of discernment, analysis, and attention to detail assist you in identifying how you can be most useful. When you stay focused on the here-and-now reality, regularly connect with Mother Earth, and take excellent care of your physical body, you can more easily manifest your mission.

North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces:

The Leap of Faith

Virgo the Virgin is an Earth sign: pragmatic, practical and focused on the here and now. Virgo strives to serve humanity through her humble work, handling the details of everyday life with maximum efficiency and minimal fuss. The Virgin traditionally symbolized not chastity, but self-possession, and this sign excels at taking care of her own needs along with everybody else’s.

With your North Node in Virgo, you are here to serve the collective good in practical ways, and to serve yourself by cultivating self-sufficiency. Your great leap of faith – which prompts a giant leap toward manifesting your mission – is to take responsibility for creating order by actively participating in human society. While you may tend to surrender your will to a higher power and wait for others to make the world safe for you, in this life you are learning to just jump in and get to work. Once you start contributing your skills and talents to society in practical ways, you gain the confidence and security you’re seeking.

i need to figure out what skills i have…

you know for me in islam.  it is that word abd that rubs.  abd which means slave.  and no i am not casting onto islam a north american reading of the word abd.  black folks in the middle east are called abd as a slur.  there is a long tradition of legal slavery of africans in the middle east through the 1960’s.

In north Africa the source of black slaves from Nubia and Sudan were too convenient to ignore. At the time of the Fatimid defeat, in the twelfth century, black troops formed the majority of the army. By the fifteenth century black military slaves were being favored with the use in battle of firearms (the Mamaluks refused to use such dishonorable weapons). Slave troops in Tunisia in the seventeenth century even included cavalry, and the Sultan of Morocco is recorded as having an army of 250,000 black slaves.

Even as late as the mid-nineteenth century, Egyptian rulers actively recruited black slaves into their army — for example, they were included in the Egyptian expeditionary force sent by Sa’id Pasha to Mexico in support of the French in 1863.

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survivor wings

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i evolved past anger,
past survival,
grew wings and flew
singing praises for the sky

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Al hamdu lillaahi rabbil ‘alameen

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god is in the details

something like beautiful

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something like beautiful- asha bandele.

ok so i never read the prisoner’s wife.  (i know! i know! bad rwoc! bad!)

“what i know now, after all these years trying to climb out of a hole, is that i am part of a long line of women, black women especially, who believe we have nop right to pain, rage, sadness, that to acknowlege them, let alone walk all the way into them, walk all the way into the feelings so we can at last deconstruct them, is weak, weird, wrong, just plain wrong.  but when we banish them, send them out of our consciences and conversations, where do they go, all those, hard, hurt feelings?”

and this for me, this question, is at the core of this book.  in that she creats discovers realizes opens to the pain, seperation, hatred and violence in her life in order to see the something like beautiful in her life as well.  because, i guess, when we refuse to acknowledge and deconstruct the pain, we miss out in the ribbons of beauty in life (even at its worst) too.

like our children.

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currently reading

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currently reading:

the stories of eva luna–isabel allende

where there is no psychiatrist: a health care manual–vikram patel

acupressure’s potent points: a guide to self-care for common ailments–michael reed gach (inspired by bfp!)

woman on the edge of time–marge piercy (suggested by kathy! and habibi already read it and loves it…)

my travels around the world–nawal el saadawi

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