August 11, 2009 § 4 Comments

since my daughter insists on me watching an inordinate amount of music videos lately…i am sharing some of my favorites from ‘melody tunes-all english all the time’ melody tunes is a channel dedicated to playing the shittiest high cost videos available.  seriously right now they have that shakira song: she wolf – on non stop rotation.

these two are from outlandish.

this one just makes me feel good…

and damn.  something relevant on melody tunes?


this third and final video.  funky arabs.  there are so many things wrong with this video/song.

why are they shouting ‘refugee’ at the beginning? did lauryn and wyclef get back together for this special treat…thank god.

what makes this guy so revolutionary?

the look in jad’s eyes throughout the video???

and wait did that woman inject botox in her eye in the bathroom?



§ 4 Responses to outlandish

  • prof susurro says:

    wow that first video is just beautiful – song and lyrics. It already has me thinking about a way to integrate it into the classroom. Will be writing a post using this vid. thanks 😀

  • mama says:

    yeah. i just saw that video for the first time today -got goose bumps- and had to run to youtube to find out again. these boys are my new crush…

  • prof susurro says:

    don’t know if the trackback came thru so here it is again:


    I second the new crush thing.

  • NaksibendiMuslimah says:

    um yeah, that ‘funky arabs’ thing? that’s just icky. way to overhype the other side of arab stereotypes (esp in regards to the women) in some misguided effort to say not all Arabs are terrorists.

    Outlandish is very cool. some of their stuff is too pop for me. but one thing i really like about them (they are not all Muslim, btw) is that they mix spanish in 🙂

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