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thought this was a great article on miles davis kind of blue…just what makes it so amazing…i though am partial to sketches of spain which made me weep once when i was listening to it…

&been meaning to mention this for a while.  there is a caregiving blog carnival! i havent read all of it.  but there are some great articles on there…

In a world where even driving to work or operating heavy machinery can be risky, do we really expect mothers like Carole to stick to “safe” jobs like being a teacher or secretary? If anything, I believe a child would be incredibly proud and inspired by a mom who follows her dreams and brings back stories about penguins and snow storms!


I was stuck giving her the same dismal answer that women and men all over the country get every day: you have very few legal rights, if any, that will protect you from getting fired if you take time off to care for your new baby, or for a seriously ill family member, or even just to take a sick kid to the doctor. And your employer is not required to give you a single day of paid leave.

A few nights ago I was sharing war stories of long-distance caregiving.  We both agree that the worst part of long-distance caregiving is the guilt – when you weren’t there you worried and felt terrible you weren’t doing more when you were there, you felt terrible you had been away and now couldn’t do more.  Any woman who has been a caregiver, revels in sharing with others – to learn and also, just to feel like you’re not alone.


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