my own language is not wrong

August 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

there is this thing about talking with folks who work with refugees, either they are a refugee themself or they work and live with them, there is something about talking to them grounds me.  i need that in my life more.  lately i have been writing a lot about some of the folks we have met and loved and being immersed in that world imaginatively as well as physically can be exhausting.  and i start to question if what we do … i dont know…matters … and i need to be reminded that it does.  i need to be re affirmed that i matter.
some place where i can recharge, find my center, relax, speak my own language.  some place that reminds me that i gods child and i what i do matters to the people whom i love and center in my world.
i am thinking about how scared i have been to speak lately.  how i feel like no matter what i say, it is not right, because i am the one who is saying it.  how painful and personal that is.  and how i realized that i am not wrong.  wrong is not my name.  i am not the wrong person to speak.


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