servanthood. abd.

August 26, 2009 § 4 Comments

With both Saturn and the North Node in Virgo, your mission is clear: to serve humanity and the planet through humble and practical action. Your skills of discernment, analysis, and attention to detail assist you in identifying how you can be most useful. When you stay focused on the here-and-now reality, regularly connect with Mother Earth, and take excellent care of your physical body, you can more easily manifest your mission.

North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces:

The Leap of Faith

Virgo the Virgin is an Earth sign: pragmatic, practical and focused on the here and now. Virgo strives to serve humanity through her humble work, handling the details of everyday life with maximum efficiency and minimal fuss. The Virgin traditionally symbolized not chastity, but self-possession, and this sign excels at taking care of her own needs along with everybody else’s.

With your North Node in Virgo, you are here to serve the collective good in practical ways, and to serve yourself by cultivating self-sufficiency. Your great leap of faith – which prompts a giant leap toward manifesting your mission – is to take responsibility for creating order by actively participating in human society. While you may tend to surrender your will to a higher power and wait for others to make the world safe for you, in this life you are learning to just jump in and get to work. Once you start contributing your skills and talents to society in practical ways, you gain the confidence and security you’re seeking.

i need to figure out what skills i have…

you know for me in islam.  it is that word abd that rubs.  abd which means slave.  and no i am not casting onto islam a north american reading of the word abd.  black folks in the middle east are called abd as a slur.  there is a long tradition of legal slavery of africans in the middle east through the 1960’s.

In north Africa the source of black slaves from Nubia and Sudan were too convenient to ignore. At the time of the Fatimid defeat, in the twelfth century, black troops formed the majority of the army. By the fifteenth century black military slaves were being favored with the use in battle of firearms (the Mamaluks refused to use such dishonorable weapons). Slave troops in Tunisia in the seventeenth century even included cavalry, and the Sultan of Morocco is recorded as having an army of 250,000 black slaves.

Even as late as the mid-nineteenth century, Egyptian rulers actively recruited black slaves into their army — for example, they were included in the Egyptian expeditionary force sent by Sa’id Pasha to Mexico in support of the French in 1863.


Slavery was abolished in most Islamic countries, although it persisted in Saudi Arabia into the 1960’s. It finally was made illegal in the Arabian Peninsula in 1962.

so here i am celebrating ramadan.  celebrating the coming into the world a beautiful religion.  a religion that says that we must be an abd of allah.

and i am being told that servanthood is my life purpose from my saturn placement as well as the nodes. virgo.  and all.

and i am a doula.  which means slave. servant in greek.

so what is a slave.  what is a servant.  what is the difference.

is it consent?

like the difference between rape and sex?

§ 4 Responses to servanthood. abd.

  • cicely says:

    i think it is a consent thing. i think the ability to choose who and what you serve, and what form that service takes is a powerful thing. i’m studying to be a teacher, and for me, considering myself in service to the kids, their humanity and experiences and lives, through the act of teaching and learning along with them is what it’s about.

    also–where’d you get that astrology reading from, please? i just did my birth chart online a couple days ago, and i have saturn and the n. node in virgo, too!

    • mama says:

      the reading was a gift. but if your saturn and n node are in virgo too…and i think that probably means that you are my same age…since saturn stays in virgo for 2-3 years and the nodes also change relatively slowly… like it takes eighteen years to go through all twelve signs…anyways…if you want i can email you the relevant parts of my reading…there was some interesting notes i didnt post up about having a s node in pisces…as you must have as well…it felt really relevant to me…oh! does that mean you are going through your saturn return right now too…

      ok i try to hide my astrology geek self…usually…;)

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