transmutating the poisons in the land

August 26, 2009 § 3 Comments

i am thinking a lot about land.  how all of this geo political conflicts are about land.  how the fight is over who owns the land.  how colonialism destroys the land.  how the land is literally erupting to re balance what colonialism, war, industrialization, etc etc have have thrown off kilter.  and how the land can save us.  in the midst of war and misery maybe you can still live off the land if you know what you are looking for.  what will help you survive.  how earth packs are very healing for broken bones and wounds.  how earth dirt is really the re digested waste of living beings.

and so i am thinking that if we are going to survive war, or economic collapse, or however the end of the empire is going to go down. we have to learn how to live off the land.

and how do we do this.  when the land is being poisoned.  it seems to me that we need to find ways to transmute the poisons so that the land can still feed and shelter us.

and i am thinking how when i put a quartz crystal and do reiki on a plant the plant can often go without a lot of water or perfect amount of sun or other forms of energy…

so maybe we can learn to heal or transmute or rebalance the little piece of land that we will have to learn to live off.  maybe we can learn to sense what plants are good for us or no.  maybe we will have dreams that tell us how to heal broken bones with mud and water.

it seems that for our sake and our children sake. learning how to transmutate poisons.  may just be key to our survival.


§ 3 Responses to transmutating the poisons in the land

  • qbg says:

    you better preach!!! Sounds like Dune and Octavia B rolled into one. I want to learn!

    • mama says:

      @qbg ha ha ha and you have now listed all of the spec fiction. sci fi. fantasy for adults that i have read and liked…toss in some wrinkle in time series for good measure and a sprinkle of woman out of time by marge piercy (which i am in the middle of..) …yep… oooh. i know you guys are reading push now. which is one of my favorites books of all times. but i cant read it with you guys because i dont have a copy here. but if you can think of other spec fic i should read… let me know!

  • […] have been dreaming a lot about land.  and dissolution.  and transmutation.  about time. today i woke up trying to remember what century it […]

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