support all types of birth: outlaw midwives

September 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

“Personally, I am concerned that the push for midwives right now will end up excluding the very women that need and desire midwifery care. I hope that those who are helping to get CPMs as the standard for maternity care are also pushing for women to be able to have choices … even VBACs, twins, breeches, etc. I would hate to see midwives sacrifice those women in favor of being able to serve ‘more women’ in the long run. As a student midwife, a consumer of midwifery care, and a VBAC mother I am afraid for what is happening to our choices as birthing women.” I am concerned that if CPMs give up too much in order to get recognition, that they will end up serving the profession rather than women and babies. At Midwifery Today, we are working with midwives who are good at Twin, Breech and VBAC births, and we are doing conference classes on reclaiming those areas. Midwives are generally the only practitioners who will handle these as variations of normal. Midwives are the practitioners who recognize and approach birth as normal to begin with (this, of course, includes doulas, childbirth educators, and activists). The world is in a sorry state in the way birth is viewed. That is why we must all work together to make change—each in our own sphere of influence, and respecting others. If we don’t, we will be seeing more women choosing to birth by themselves because midwives aren’t there to help them. AND—as I have been predicting for decades—if we get too absorbed into the medical system, a new grassroots, lay midwife movement will start and I’ll respect, encourage and support that too. Jan Tritten Midwifery Today

as you can imagine.  this got me thinking about outlaw midwives.  and feeling happy, validated that one of the leaders of the natural midwifery movement have been predicting outlaw midwives and other such attempts to empower mamas and children rather than the medical industrial complex.  for years.


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