a quick note

September 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

dear folks

if you receive a fundraising letter from someone you know.  and in that letter is self addressed stamped envelope.  and you send the envelope with a letter in it saying something to the effect of: sorry, i cant give any money right now but i want you to know that i am hoping all the best for you…

if you do this.  you will ruin that person’s day.

if you want to send such a letter.  buy your own damn envelope and stamp!  really.  getting an envelope with your address in my handwriting with the cute lil stamps that i bought — gets me excited that its money!  and i really need money because or i wouldnt be sending the damn fundraising letter anyways.  and then getting to open the envelope with an announcement that you are broke…totally not cool.

so.  for future reference: if you aint got cash to stash.  at least buy your own damn envelope and stamp!

and if you dont have enough money to buy a stamped envelope.   but if you aint got 50 cents.  you might want to be spending your time getting a couple of quarters together.  rather than explaining to me how you dont have 50 cents.


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