reflecting on the meaning of ramadan

September 6, 2009 § 2 Comments

well, i have been celebrating the month of ramadan.  fasting and feasting and fasting again.  enjoying the turn from summer to fall, the shorter days, and cooler nights…

here is an excerpt from aaminah and my blog: reflecting on the meaning of ramadan

1.well, last night, friday night, aza stayed the night at a friend’s house.  and cal and i went out. to one of the few places that serve alcohol during ramadan.  it is a rooftop restaurant.  very pretty mashrabaya decor.  normally i find the staff quite rude and indifferent, so we dont go very often.  and i dont drink alcohol that much anymore.  and i forgot that.  so by the second beer.  all i wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep.

of course i woke up this morning with a huge headache.  had not drank any water the night before.  and i was off balance when i walked…not drunk.  just super spacey.  so i didnt fast today.  instead i drank water.  and went very slow today.

and i was drinking my water and lamenting my lack of foresight last night.  i thought about how shaytan is bound in chains during this month.  and how i still have the habit of forgetting about taking care of myself and instead assume i can handle anything…and on one level i can…but on the other hand the past 24 hours would have been so much more enjoyable if i had thought about making sure i was hydrated first, and had eaten, and remembered that i cant just down two beers during the middle of ramadan in a desert city…


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