September 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

today cal went to class. intro to something law.  and aza and i hung out playing -who’s that?- laying on the bed. while the red ramadan lights blinked and glowed in front of the balcony doors in our bedroom.  after naming everything and thus recreating the world.  she announced that she wanted hot food.

so she went to the fridge and got the bread and the cheese.  and we went to the stove and i lit it.  or.  i tried to light it.  and that was when i realized i have no idea how to light the stove.

i look at aza and say.  sorry mama is stupid but we can go get outside food.  and she says.  no buts.  mama stupid.  mama stupid. ok. i said.  you got me.

we caught a taxi to midan talat harb.  the driver asked me when i got into the taxi. how much? five guinea – i said.  i wonder if he asked because i am black?  cal called.  and i start talking with him in super american english.  the taxi driver looks back at me.  suddenly i am the kind of black girl who speaks fluent american english with someone who also speaks fluent american english on a cell phone in a taxi going to downtown cairo.  i hang up.  the taxi driver asks me where i am from.  america.  i say.  he stops the taxi a couple of blocks from the midan.  (bastard!) and aza and i walk to the felfela restaurant.


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