balcony art a little more done

September 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

so i am basically done with the painting.  i like it.  it is honest.  that is what is important.  part of the honesty is that the work in the painting is only aza and i.  because no one else submitted anything.

i will post a photo of it tonight.  i want to take it good natural light.  the neon light is not doing the colors justice.

if any one would like to submit photos, words, anything to the project i could still incorprate it into the balcony decorations itself.  but not the painting.

anyways.  i am happy.  it was months in the making.  the painting served a good place to throw paint around while i was writing really difficult personal stories about abuse, violence, torture, imprisonment, etc.  a cathartic release.

also aza *loves* painting.  and i got to watch her discover that.

it still needs a title.

and now i think i shall return to figuration in painting.


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