why i am awesome

September 11, 2009 § 5 Comments

1. i have cool hair.

2. i can do the splits.

3. my daughter counts half in arabic.  half in english.  and throws a couple of alphabets in the recitation for good measure.

4. i took my daughter to see and hear subcomandante marcos live two nights in a row when she was 8 months old.

5. i am a really good singer and performer.

6. i can still pass for a high school student.

7. i once spent a month being called mama maisha by east congolese women community builders.

8. for a couple of weeks this year my nickname by sudanese refugee gang boys was: the girl who says she is not from jamaica.

9.  i run ubuntu on my computer.

10. i once wrote a poem that began: i write to tell you about survival/how we cut through the walls of death and vacant breaths/and keep grabbing for life

11.  i have cool friends all around the world  who do really amazing work under some of the least resourced situations.  they see miracles happen everyday.

12.  i practice revolutionary love everyday.

13.  i once wrote a song that says: dont ask me for no/ revolutionary love/ if we fight the good fight/ that should be good enough/ who says we’ll win/ when the world is falling apart/ we fight for freedom with a broken heart

14: i am a really good dancer.

15 i can read quickly

16. i am a genius.

17. i am flirtatious.

18. i am a good teacher.

19. i learn languages quickly.

20.  i have great taste in books.

21. i once hustled a bus ticket from toronto to montreal from a police officer.

22. both of my parents claim i am too much like the other one.

23.  i am really good at collaborative work.

24. i have lots of stretchmarks.  i look like a wild cat.  naked.

25.  i am courageous.

26. i am calm and focused in a crisis.

27. i have more questions than answers.

28. i am willing to fight and love for what i believe in.

29. i live in cairo!

30. my partner is in law school.

31. nikki giovanni, after hearing my poetry, said to me: you should have been named nikki.

32.  i am crazy.

33. i read wrinkle in time yesterday.

34. i am becoming a good photographer.

35.  i love the wind at the beach.

36. i am a poet.

37. i am brimming with beautiful ideas.

38. i am a doula.

39. i spent a month hanging out with the hare krishnas

40. i am a survivor.

41. i can crack every bone in my body.

42. habibi loves me

43. i am queer.

44. i am really cute.

45.  i can make really ugly faces.

46. i am all about supporting people’s artistic expression.

47. i once wrote a song that said: so whats the worst thing you can say about me baby?/im a little bit selfish/well there is a lot worse things i could say baby/ like at least i know im free.

48. i am a really good community builder.  i mean in a real community. i am not good at building community with a bunch of folks who dont want community.

49.  i am always discovering new things about myself and the world.

50. my favorite curse word is fuck

51. i still think daria is hot.

52. i have a strong spirit

53. i come from a lineage of fighters and lovers and hustlers.

54. black is beautiful

55. i dont vote

56. i dont bully.

57.  i can recite the preamble to the us constitution

58. my voice sounds great recorded

59. miley cyrus’s song ‘the climb’ makes me tear up.

60. i am very wary of censorship.

61. my exboyfriend’s mother used to call me: the street urchin.

62.  i love old mercedes benz’s.

63. i dream of living on the beach.

64. habibi just got a bangin new job!

65. aza is a happy go lucky adventuress.

66. i had a great time in my twenties.  i travelled.  i lived as a poet and artist.  i fell in love.  i got hurt.  i fell in love again.  i became a mother.  and fell in love again.  i travelled even more.

67. i have beautiful eyes.

68. i am a libra sun.  leo moon.  aquarius rising.

69. i am so excited about life!

70. i have realized: that i dont need people who dont need me.

71. i have a beautiful body.

72. i get homesick even though i dont have a home

73. i am a bad ass activist

74. i have lots of haters.

75. i am open to changing my mind if i see i am wrong

76. i call bullshite when its bull shite.

77.  i still believe in happy endings.

78. i swear by tiger balm, echinacea, and kava kava

79. i am an outlaw midwife.

80. i am a revolutionary mother.

81. i am a witch.

82. i pray to frika kahlo, santa muerte, and oshun.

83. i still want to go bungee jumping, sky diving, and para sailing.

84. i am a fairy.

85. i am a black southern goth.

86. i love my glasses.

87. i have cool handwriting.

88.  i have a beautiful profile.  and aza has it too.

89.  i love ripe avocados with lemon and hot sauce and salt.

90. my grandmother is beautiful.

91. wrong is not my name

92. still i rise

93. i am reading the stories of eva luna

94. i read 20 y 10 — the history of the zapatista’s written with the zapatistas— in spanish.

95. i spent three days with aza and habibi at the ezln women’s encuentro.

96. i am really good in sex.

97. i am a visionary.

98. i am a mystic.

99. i am a healer.

100. i am me.


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