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September 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

El Fuego en La Moneda: Remembering Chile

this is a beautiful visual dedication to chile

Life is a Labor of Love

damn, he’s had more jobs than i have.  posible?

US leads world in foreign weapons sales

You Live by Capitalism... You Die by Capitalism


“Every day security guards check people entering Ben-Gurion International Airport on whether their accent sounds Arab, and no one complains. That is not racism. It’s how we have organized for ourselves an ethical code of double and triple moral standards. We fight against a few manifestations and close our eyes to other, far worse, examples.”

Obama’s allies: Yes we can (steal your laptop)!

Public Service Announcement: To all tourists visiting Egypt, to all Egyptians traveling into or out of Egypt, do NOT carry your laptops with you in the Cairo Airport. The Egyptian police are stealing laptops and taking them as personal trophies…


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