October 1, 2009 § 3 Comments

you know, there are some people who just think that my lil family living in the states right now would be the best thing for us.  they think that there are just benefits of living in teh first world that you just cant get here in egypt.  and they think that all of the benefits of living in the third world exist in the first world.  they have spent a tiny amount of time outside of their comfort zone.  like those tour buses i see riding through the suq here.

of course this is a huge crock of shit.  but you cant convince ignorant people who are so assured of their own intelligence that they are ignorant.

srsly.  there are people in this world.  who think that us spending a couple of days in israeli detention with aza was irresponsible of us.  we should have gotten on the next flight back to the states.

i have thought about writing this really extensive post refuting these mythologies and memes.  but srsly.  what is the point?  if you have never been in that situation.  and have so little trust in me and my partner that we would make the best available decisions for aza and our family.  then you can srsly go fuck yourself.

i srsly do not want to even hear the non verbal opinions of people who spend their time gaining as much privilege as they possibly can under the guise of being able to help others with it.  bullshit.

let me tell what i am giving my daughter.  utter love.  and knowledge.  the knowledge that your privilege will not save your soul.  and that using your privilege to ensure that nothing really bad happens to you.  is evil.

we all make compromises with evil.  we have to.  but judging people because they refuse to compromise with evil.  refuse to let their child be used as a means to force the mother to comprimise with evil.  that.  well, i feel sorry for people who have compromised their very minds to evil in order to not have to experience the evil that men do to each other.


§ 3 Responses to bullshit

  • joankelly6000 says:

    wow, to this.

    I like how the actions of those who locked you and your family up are utterly disappeared into your own supposed irresponsibility. Jesus.

    I’m glad Aza has you as a mother.

  • K says:

    That thieving Joan Kelly stole what I was gonna say to this!–okay, not exactly, because she nailed it in a sentence where I’d have spluttered for three, but yeah, how come people can go right past the people who locked you up, straight to blaming you?

    Also, this:

    using your privilege to ensure that nothing really bad happens to you. is evil.

    kicked me in the guts. I never thought of it–no, correction: I haven’t thought of it that way since I was a teenager feeling hemmed in by adults in my life who were all about that, erecting real and imaginary borders about everything in their lives for safety. And even then I’m not sure I saw it so clearly, as a compromise with evil, but I did think it was a quick ticket to soul atrophy. Which, come to think of it, must be either a necessary precondition to or consequence of evil.

    “Utter love and knowledge” is all any kid could ask for. Because even if you did make the compromises, take the safety precautions, there are no guarantees. There never are.

    • mama says:

      @k and joan kelly

      yes. sometimes i am surprised by how people are so quick to run to ‘personal responsibility’ as if we can be responsible for the pure absurdity and unpredictability of life. or that i am responsible for other folks actions. actions that i clearly disagree with. and oppose. oh well. ‘soul atrophy’ is a beautiful phrase for evil. yeah. but thank you for your words. i sometimes need to hear from outside of myself that these types of insiduous logic are well not very logical.

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