the perils of midwifery

October 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

the thing is.  that as much as i hate to see a bunch of men on tv demonize home birth midwifery with misleading information and snide comments.  the grand dames home birth midwives do the same to women who choose to birth without a midwife.  the same. exact. thing.   home birth establishment (and yes they have establishments…ahem…) will castigate any woman who chooses to birth without the home birth industry.  and if a child dies during home birth and no midwife was present…you should read what most of the leading names and experts in home birth midwifery say about that family that lost a child.  oh yeah.  the exact. same. thing. that doctors say about them.

death is a part of life.

from the beginning of the outlaw manifesta

Every child will not be born alive or may die in infanthood.
Early motherhood is the interplay of life and death and sometimes filled with sadness and loss, with joy and sweetness.
Always death is interwoven in to the fabric of the living moment. Cells reproduce and die like the rhythm of breathing, like the opening and closing of a gate.
We center, not simply the biology of birth, but relationships we have with people we take care of and those that take care of us.
And mourn daily the dead and the missing, the actions of our governments and other powerful entities that kill and maim babies and mothers, the destruction of resistance communities’ next generation.  That destruction privileges many of us with resources allowing us more reproductive choices.
The pro-life movement focuses on birth control and abortions, we go deeper. We ought to be able to decide when, and how we will conceive and with whom, who and what practices will be part of our pregnancy, what we allow into our body, where we give birth and with whom, how we feed our children, etc. Our intelligence, agency, and subjectivity are central. The health of the next generation depends on the psychological, physical and spiritual health of the mother today, our levels of stress, support networks, confidence and joy.


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