stillness to cauldron

October 15, 2009 § 2 Comments

happy birthday to me!

this is my i ching for my next year…short and sweet…

Hexagram 52 Ken – Mountain/Keeping still

Mountain over Mountain

What is needed is a calm observation. It is not possible to be still with strong emotions, so abandon them. Know when to lie still, and when to act.

changes into

Hexagram 50 Ting – The Cauldron

Fire over Wind

Nourish what is good within yourself for the benefit of society at large.

General: The nourishment of body, mind and spirit is the key to a harmonious existence.

Love: Enjoying the harmonious aspects of your relationship will help deepen the bonds between you and your partner.

Business: Focus on business that will transform your affairs and make sure that you deal with everything in a sophisticated manner.

Personal: Strengthen the bonds between you and those most important to you by hosting a meal of some sort.

Overview: Ting is very much concerned with the provision of necessities for a community to exist harmoniously. Unlike Ching, which deals with the basics, Ting is about the “extras”. The sharing of a well-prepared meal is a ritual throughout the world for cultivation the bonds between people. As well as providing for the body Ting reminds you that the spiritual “extras” should not be overlooked.


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