November 11, 2009 § 2 Comments

1. been nanowrimo-ing.  (not exactly sure what is the verb form for that.) i dont really do fiction.  and this half fiction/half fact…it is interesting to see where my imagination goes when it doesnt have a lot of time to plan things out.  especially for 50,000 words.  i mean ive jotted down a few paragraphs off the cuff.  even a few pages.  but right now im at 17000 words or so.  and i am watching a story develop itself with me as a co-creator of the story.

other days i feel completely without imagination, or even the energy to imagine.  and so i still type.  out something.

also i am in love with this site.  write or die. something about the competition with the clock makes me type so much faster…

2.  really good books i have read in the past month:

–the enchantress of florence by salman rushdie

*i rave about every novel i read by rushdie and this one is no different.  it is a fairytale.  of empires and men and women.  the language is just lush and satisfying and rhythmic.

–the brief and wondrous life of oscar wao

*fucking awesome novel.  the mix of geek boy culture, post mod meta story telling, dominicana argot, severe dances with irony, and a story telling voice that is just spot on from the first word to the last.

–half of a yellow sun by adichie chimamanda

*this is a story of war.  and the telling of the nigerian civil war is horrific.  but the voice and the imagery are so magical (this though is not magical realism…yes, women of color can write a novel that isnt magical realism) and well…the word that keeps coming to my mind is…paradise.  about a paradise wished for but never achieved and the language and images that she uses bring up the paradise that is here on this earth…in other words…read this book.

3. rumors are that the schools are going to be out for at least a week after eid al-adha, because everyone will be returning from the hajj, and the govt is scared of…yep…swine flu.



§ 2 Responses to randomness

  • One3snapshot says:

    I’m Igbo… and got to read Half of Yellow Sun last year. It was riveting not just reading the magical reality of it all…but discovering my history. It helped me start a conversation with my family that somehow hadn’t happened all this time.

    Have you read other books by Adichie? I feel the same way about her I think you feel about rushdie (i haven’t read anything by the author).

    • mama says:

      no. i havent been able to find any of her other books. i am thinking of going to the upscale bookstore and asking them to order. purple hibiscus. what books do you recommend?

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